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I have one goal for this website; to make the lives of authors easier. Writing is hard work and is not always rewarded in financial ways. Intangible rewards are worth something, but sometimes we need more. And support is always needed and appreciated. So I am selecting articles here that are useful and helpful to the aspiring writer. I found them helpful to me, and use that as my criteria for inclusiong. Links are also included only if I found them useful. If you have any suggestions for this site, don't hesitate to contact me. If you desire to submit an article for others to read (sorry, all you get is free publicity and increase your stature in the eyes of others), I would be happy to post them. Let me know how I can make this site work for you.

About me

My name is Matthew Rutherford. I have lived in four states and two countries, the longest time has been in the U.S.A. Currently, I'm a Masters Student in Counseling Psychology. I have been writing forever and decided that traditional ways of getting published are too slow. I've been online since 1996 and had some web site or another since 1997. I have a number of web projects that you can view. The hub of my web presence is Feel free to see the other work I have done.

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You have worked hard on your business and now the time has come. You keep reading that you should do it and all the benefits of it, but the thought terrifies you! You've been putting it off, but eventually you know you are going to have to do it. . . . (read more)